Chris Vlok

I have to say I’m really enjoying my time here in Paris… It’s such a great city! And to be seeing it from a locals point of view is super epic too. Of course we have gone and seen most of the touristy stuff too haha, but we’ve been eating out and enjoying the night life in some really great spots that only the locals know 😉 We’ve been averaging 13km’s of walking a day, so it’s been great exercise at the same time… maybe enough to excuse me from not having trained these last few days 😉 We’ve just got back to our Airbnb after a pretty massive day out walking around Champs-Élysées followed by one of the best meals I’ve had for a long time, and we’ve just realized it’s Paris Motor Show right now… so I’m busy organizing for us to go tomorrow and see that with some of my friends at BMW 😀



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