South of France

After a very tough and stressful weekend, it was fantastic to head back down to the South of France with my brother, and meet up with his Girlfriend and her family in Grasse, just near Nice. Over the last few days we’ve travelled around by car, Me, my Brother Steve and his Girlfriend Jess, and her Brother Dan and his Girlfriend Cassandra.

It was awesome to be able to show them around my old home (my 6 week home haha) of Monaco, and it was perfect timing as it was the same week as the annual Monaco Yacht Show, so with plenty of impressive things to see, it made for a great day trip before heading back to Grasse to do what us South Africans do best, braai (Barbeque).

The next day we said goodbye to the rest of Jess’s Family, and Me Steve and Her travelled to a little ancient fortified town, Saint Paul Devence… which I have to say, was one of the coolest places I have ever had the pleasure to experience. We stayed in the very heart of the old town in an Airbnb, and enjoyed a very relaxed evening drinking red wine and enjoying the French cuisine, well into the early hours of the morning….. and I know what you’re thinking… not the usual story for a racing driver mid season…. But hey… when on holiday 😉

We culminated our time in the Cote D’Azur in Nice for the last two nights taking it fairly slowly, as per holiday guidelines… and we’re now heading up to Paris by train for the next 4 nights… for me anyway. Steve and Jess are meeting me in Amsterdam two days later, where as I leave on Wednesday next week. So for now we’re looking forward to spending some time in a big city, and one especially as beautiful as Paris. Me and my Brother haven’t been there for about 14 years…. Whereas Jess was recently living there, so we’re looking forward to having our very own guide to show us the sides you don’t experience as a tourist J

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