Reiter young stars 2016

So very pleased to announce that I’m finally going to be back racing this year!

I’ve just finalized a deal to race in the first ever edition of the Reiter Young Stars championship in the all new KTM X-Bow GT4 car, as part of the European GT4 championship.
Ultimately I would have liked to be getting back into a Formula car, but this was undoubtedly the best way I could be getting back into racing right now given that I wasn’t racing the last two seasons, and more so because of the great opportunity that this championship presents.

So basically the whole concept of this championship is to find two young drivers for Reiter Engineering to “school” into a professional drive with them the following year in one of their factory Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 cars which they will run in the Blancpain Sprint series.

Reiter Engineering came up with what I have to say is the coolest concept in motorsport right now. Together with KTM, over the last two years, Reiter engineering have created a GT4 Package for the existing KTM X-Bow, which turns it into a closed cockpit GT4 machine (the coolest looking one by far).

Here is the concept – take 16 young drivers from all sorts of backgrounds, nationalities, levels of experience etc, 8 KTM X-Bow GT4 cars, 8 Sponsors, and 8 Universities, who all provide a small team of three guys, consisting of 2 engineering students, and a marketing student.

All of the above are then drawn out of a hat at the opening gala which will take place in Salzburg on the 16th of this Month, and will form the basis of the team I drive in this year… of course all under the umbrella & guidance of Reiter Engineering.

In my opinion the concept couldn’t be any cooler, and it creates a great opportunity for me to get back into motorsport at a fraction of the cost as what I’d normally have to bring to the table in Formula 3, almost just 10% of the budget…!

All of this has come together in just 3 weeks, and now that it is all finalized and confirmed, it means that I’ll be leaving NZ for Europe this Thursday! Of course, this is all thanks to an amazing group of people who continue to support and believe in me, including my family, friends, and my sponsors – you guys rock!

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