Pannonia ring test

Seriously happy with my first day back in two and a half years…

took 2 or 3 laps to get used to speed again, but after that It was straight into it and able to focus on learning the new car, specifically getting used to driving for the first time ever with ABS brakes, and also getting used to some other new things like the auto up-shift, as well as playing with the multiple abs settings.

Ultimately it was a seriously good day back though, I finished the day as the quickest driver, and was able to get some seriously good seat time in and I feel totally comfortable and confident with the car and team for the first race in two weeks’ time in Monza!

Haven’t had such a big smile on my face for a long time…! Now we look forward to the opening Gala in Salzburg this Saturday night, where I’ll find out who I’m sharing my car with for the season, and which car / team I will be with! Excited and nervous at the same time, but super keen to know so we can start moving forward!

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