Pannonia ring test hungary preparation

So I’ve been hanging out in Salzburg the past few days which is right next to the little

town that Reiter Engineering is based in just across the border in Germany. It’s my first time here and I’m pretty impressed! It’s definitely lived up to its expectations so far and I’m really enjoying exploring all the sights and attractions.

I’m hanging out with another young driver who is competing in the Reiter Young stars too, and so together we’re exploring the area! Great to have someone who’s from my next of the woods so to speak, and to explore with, because usually its just by myself! (One of the lame parts pursuing a career like this – you’re always living out of your suitcase and away from your family and friends) So it’s nice to have some company.

Besides being a tourist for the past few days, I’ve been hard at work preparing for what will be my first time back in the car since my last race in Formula 3 in September 2013, where I took my first F3 win at the Nurburgring at the final event of the season…. Basically two and a half years ago…! So I’m looking forward to being back in a car but also making sure I’m as best prepared as I can be before I arrive at the Pannonia Ring in Hungary.

Lots of preparation as with any new car & team – first meeting all the team, doing a seat fitting, and also a lot of Simulator work mostly to learn the track. Usually in F3 we would do extensive sim stuff leading up to any driving to tweak set ups, gearing etc…. but because this car is brand new & we aren’t allowed to play with the gears especially, it’s pretty much just for me to learn the track! Only 3 more sleeps till I get to go fast again!!!

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