Opening gala salzburg

Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce my team for the year!

Reiter Young Stars team Internet X and their drivers Chris Vlok & Immanuel Vinke;

Couldn’t be happier with my team – a really great bunch of guys, and already after just one night we are like best friends! So I don’t think it could have been any better. Immanuel has pretty limited experience with driving but is a super nice guy and very enthusiastic and keen to learn, which in my opinion is better then someone with experience but unwilling to learn & grow. And our students from the University Catalic du’leval of Belgium, are as well super cool guys and very keen to get started and learn! So together, I think we are by far the dream team of this series, and are going to do great things together, and we’re all super pumped to get cracking at the first race next weekend in Monza, Italy.

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