Moving to Monaco

For the past 4 years ever since first visiting Monaco in 2012 for just one night, I have dreamed of living here while racing full time in Europe. I can finally say that dream has come true for me….! It feels surreal to be staying here after dreaming about it for so long, and finally being able to explore it in person, not just on Instagram 😉 My flat has some pretty epic views, and even though my flat is way up on the hills, it’s a pretty epic location… and the complex I’m in is complete with it’s own pool… just in case I don’t want to go lie on the beach 😉

So far, my reactions to this beautiful place are 1.Wow it is expensive and 2. It’s quite boring! I knew from my first time here that this was the case, but between staying for one night 4 years ago when I was only 19 and didn’t have any real interest in saving money, or quaams about of spending 40 euros for spaghetti bolognaise and a glass of coke, but it seems this time after growing up a little bit, and having a lot more responsibilities financially speaking, to go out for dinner here is equally as stressful as it is pleasant.

That being said, I am actually rarely going out to eat, and I’m enjoying having a kitchen to cook my own meals for the first time in 3 weeks after staying in hotels the whole trip so far anyway!

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