Leogang World Cup

This weekend I made another dream come true, to attend the UCI World Cup Down Hill race in Austria! I’ve always dreamed of coming to the WC here ever since I used to race Downhill when I was younger, and after seeing some guys on downhill bikes on my way up to Salzburg, I was suddenly reminded of this and checked to see if there were any races on while I’m here. I was super stoaked when I saw the Austrian WC was this weekend and just 1 hour drive from Salzburg down in Leogang! And after a super fun weekend here and watching some fellow Kiwi’s that I used to race against in my downhilling days shread down the slopes here in Leogang I have a new desire to get back into riding.

I think the thing I enjoyed about the weekend the most was the fun of it all. It’s serious racing, the best of its kind in the world, they’re the best riders in the world, the teams too, but its also a seriously relaxed and fun environment. Fans and riders interact and it’s not uncommon to be sat at the bar next to a rider on Saturday night before the race on Sunday, and both be enjoying a beer. I don’t think there’s any other pro sport in the world that is so relaxed and where the stars and fans interact so much.

Further to this, I enjoyed mostly the fact that it’s relatively affordable as a sport…you buy a bike, ride it, and if you’re good you get a factory team backing you to travel the world and do your thing. You don’t have to throw money at it every second to keep it alive like any motorsport.

Of course…. I don’t think you’ll see me doing anything too serious on a bike anymore as I don’t want to get inured for racing… but I can definitely say I’m going to start getting into it again. Who knows… maybe I’ll get back into it as a team owner 😉

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