Leaving Monaco

So after just 4 weeks of living in my “dream” city, I’m moving on. At risk of sounding seriously negative, I would like to say I’ve enjoyed my time here, but the truth is I have easily lived in much cooler & more enjoyable places. Don’t get me wrong…. Monaco is exceptionally beautiful, but for me it didn’t quite fill the big boots I guess my expectations left for it.

To wake up every morning and see a harbour full of superyachts, walk down the road to get coffee and croissants and be passed by countless supercars, while you glance into the windows of luxury boutiques, is pretty cool, but only for a few days… I guess it would be different if you can wake up on your yacht, drive your Ferrari down the road to get coffee and stop and buy a new 50,000 euro watch along the way… but being surrounded by so much wealth and opulence soon gets pretty old, and whilst it is inspiring to begin with, after a while it starts to make you think about what you don’t have, as opposed to what you do have, and that’s one of my main reasons of leaving. My second reason is one that I’m sure anyone who has been to Monaco will also agree with. Walking around the streets (Grand Prix week is an exception to all of this by the way, when Monaco is like a different city) there seems to be a certain emptiness that echo’s around the place. A kind of dullness that I can only compare with the feeling you get when you wonder the streets of a ski town in the middle of summer. It’s a place absolutely crammed with glitz and glamour, yet it’s clear to see that for the vast majority of people that live in Monaco, they do not actually spend much time there, rather it’s purely a place for them to escape to in between their extremely busy lives of traveling around, the best example I can make is an F1 driver… to them Monaco must be great, they save on tax, and they are traveling every second week anyway so to go back to a beautiful quiet paradise like Monaco would be fantastic.

On the flip side, for me to sit and watch these people come and go only made me envious that I wasn’t doing the same! I am fine with living in a quiet place having grown up in a small farming town, but I think the difference is for me I prefer to look out the window in the morning and feel inspired by beautiful things that don’t cost anything that I know I can enjoy no matter what, and that’s a feeling I’m very used to living on a farm in New Zealand. To wake up and know you have the freedom to go and do what you want, and not feel limited by not having enough money, which is certainly the feeling you get in Monaco without having extreme disposable income, you get an overwhelming sense that you can’t partake in anything going on around you – which is super lame!

So now I’m heading back up to Salzburg area, which is full of nature, mountains, green fields and good vibes 😉

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