Handyman Chris

Unbeknown to a lot of people, I actually really enjoy getting my hands dirty with some good old fashioned physical work, and my absolute favourite is when I’m doing something that eventuates in an end product that you can step back and say “I built that” or “I did that”.

The past week has been great in that sense, as me and my Mum have started to renovate our little farm cottage which was built inside of the original shearing shed on our farm from the early 1900’s. We turned half of it into a cottage to live in when I was about 11 years old, so that we could live in there while we built our house on our farm. This was quite an adventure as all 5 of us, my Mum and Dad, and older brother and sister all crammed inside a two bedroom flat for just over 2 years. For me it was very exciting and great to be so close to my family at all times given my young age, for me it was like camping or something haha…. But I think it was pretty trying at the best of times for my parents and especially my sister who spent her last two years of high school crammed in there with us, in that awkward phase of your teens where your parents are super lame and you know more than everyone else in the world combined. That being said though, we all hold some great memories from those two years living in there together, and it really made us appreciate what we have in life.

Back to the renovating though…. It’s been a hectic week stripping everything out of there, re-painting, putting in new floors, new plugs & lights, repairing drywall, and assembling the new kitchen – all of this with quite a rush, as we have some guests coming to stay in there pretty soon, and with me leaving back to Europe soon for my last two races, it’s meant we’ve been pushing to get as much done as possible. Right now we’re pretty much 90% of the way there with all the painting done, new flooring, and most of the kitchen assembled, but now we’ve gotta wait till I return from Europe as some crucial parts of the kitchen didn’t arrive in time for me to put anything up/install it. So now for the next few days I’ll spend it gearing up for my trip back to Europe for my last two races, and although only 3 weeks long, it’s set to be super fun with my Brother and his Girlfriend joining me for my whole trip! Until next time. Chris

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