GT4 pau preview

My second race of the season is fast approaching, and I’m looking seriously forward to it! The annual Grand Prix de Pau is coming this weekend, and after following it each year through Formula 3, but having never getting the chance to race there myself, I’m pretty pumped to get cracking!

I have a true love for street circuits, after my first ever one in Trois Rivieres Quebec Canada back in 2011 in Formula Ford led to one of my favourite races of my career ever, battling from like 9th place to finish on the podium in 3rd with by far the most pace out of anyone on track…. So since then I have always loved street circuits!

I’ve gone on to race at a few since then, like the Canadian Grand Prix, as well as Adelaide Australia, which was my first Formula 3 race ever, which I think also helped my confidence I now have to street circuits as it was my first time experiencing a car with so much downforce, and having to trust it straight away at a track with walls everywhere! So with all these positive experiences at street circuits I’m feeling very confident for the weekend ahead!

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