Frankfurt to Budapest

So after a very pleasant flight with another whole row to myself, and as a result sleeping for 9 hours straight instead of my usual routine of staying awake all flight so I’m tired when I arrive… I had pretty bad jet lag after arriving, and was only able to get 3 hours of sleep in before waking up wide awake at 3:30 am the next day… so I spent the morning catching up on some work on my friends couch here in Bensheim at 4:30 am Monday Morning. One of my best friends from New Zealand, Dudley, moved here just over a year ago with his girlfriend, and since Bensheim is so close to Frankfurt where I fly into each time, I get the chance to stay with him for a few nights each time I arrive and before I leave back home, which is awesome. One of the worse parts to traveling so much, (and dare I say growing up) is that you end up having friends all over the world, and never all of them in one place at the same time…. But lately it’s been pretty epic that my travels & schedule has allowed me to catch up with friends all over the place!

Besides spending most of the day being excessively tired, I managed to power through the day, squeeze in a run, get all my stuff organized for today’s trip, and even got the chance to go check out my friend Dudleys new work, where he’s busy doing a Wine Making apprenticeship, which was super cool.

The next day was spent on a 6 and a half hour train down to Salzburg, and that was followed by today, where me and one of the other drivers in my team, Caitlin, boosted down to Budapest together in a rental car – which was pretty good…. And we also took plenty of video… so that should follow shortly too! /Chris

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