Like any great story in business or sport, Chris’s story began with passion. A passion which to this day he attributes to his success in getting where he is today.

Chris’s passion is Speed, which is probably why he is equally as good at racing as he is with fast paced business. What racing driver have you ever heard of that built his own race car whilst at high school at only 15 years old and under his own financing, which he made from buying and selling mountain bike parts starting at age 12.

It was these lessons in business at a young age that Chris also attributes to his ability to have survived in a sports world dominated by wealth and opulence, well connected families and overly funded young drivers, and having done so as the ultimate underdog, who grew up on a farm in a little town in New Zealand.

Nationality: New Zealand
Hometown: Christchurch
Date of Birth: September 17, 1992