Back to New Zealand

So after a hectic weekend in Spa, it was straight on a plane back to NZ for the mid season break to go soak up some of the kiwi winter & prepare for the next race late September in Hungary. There’s nothing like getting off the plane and taking your first breath of crisp fresh winter New Zealand air when you arrive… heading to Europe I take the trip pretty slow and always stay overnight in Singapore to try give myself a night that is almost perfectly in between the time zones, but on the way home I just power through that in order to get home as fast as I can, always way too excited to get home and see all my friends and family.

This trip was no different, and besides getting home and starting experiencing what can only be described as a bit of a quarter life crisis in trying to make some sense of juggling my life that seems to always be on the go, and questioning whether that’s really what I’m wanting or not, it was a as usual trip home full of fun and adventures.

Besides training, I’ve been playing around with video making and editing to get a hang of things and I’m pleased to announce that in the coming weeks I’ll be launching a Vlog that will follow not only my racing, but also some of the escapades and day to day I experience in between races. This has been a pretty fun and interesting experience to play around with this and it’s made me pretty happy to finally be putting some of this stuff on film, as it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a few years now but never had the chance / opportunity to give it a go, and ever since I bought a drone at Christmas time last year, my creativity has been steadily boosted with each time I’ve filmed something on it. So….. be prepared to some sick video’s to come.

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